I love this photograph of my teenagers.

Sam and Jasmine are the best of buddies outdoors. They thrive on each others energy. Jasmine will give Samuel a horseback ride anywhere and everywhere. Sam will show Jasmine the best route to the waterfall or the best place to spot the deer. Their playfulness and laughter are contagious.

When you take a walk in the forest or woods there are no distractions from cell phones or computers. The only sounds you hear are the magical sounds of nature. The bird song, the chattering of the squirrels, the whistling of the wind, the wild waters raging from the winter snow melt. Teenagers open up and talk more when in this relaxed and inspiring environment.

Weekend Fun

 UNPLUG and go on an adventure. Teenagers love adventures especially if they are challenging.

Where The Wild Things Are: David, Jasmine and Samuel were in their element. They loved every minute of the challenging rock climb to reach the waterfall.

Once at the top, my 19 year old rested against a rock to appreciate the beauty and energy of the powerful waterfall.

Go Climb a Tree

Teenagers love to play outdoors too! Sam loves to play on his skateboard and scooter.

Play after dinner

Getting teenagers outdoors can sometimes prove difficult, however, when outside, they come alive and revert back to the inner child that resides in all of us. As Sam performed his latest skateboard tricks for me lastnight, I couldn’t help thinking how incredibly blessed I was that my teenager wanted to share his outdoor fun with me. It reminded me of when I would ask my mother to watch me dance around the garden, pretending to be the gymnast Nadia Comaneci.

These moments are sacred, truly magical and precious.

Our children are only gifted to us for such a short time.

What could be more important?

We are all drawn to the indoor temptations of technology yet we all have a choice.

I invite you to come out and PLAY

Now that Spring is in the air…maybe it’s time to get the bike out!

Wishing you infinite magical moments with your children each and every day. Love and peace, Marghanita x