The red-breasted Robins have returned, gifting joy and excitement to us all. The snow has finally melted here in the mountains, leaving remnants from Autumn -such as leaves and wrinkled berries, perfect for the children to make little Robins of their own.


Cardboard Pastel Robins


What you will need:

Corrugated cardboard
Selection of leaves (and/or feathers) or anything from nature that the child wishes to use
Grasses or ferns for tail. Let the child choose whatever they feel drawn to.
Pastel crayons or paint etc
Glue and scissors
2 sticks for legs (thin enough to fit into the section of corrugated cardboard)

Pastels create a fabulous texture for the Robin’s red breast. Children love smudging the colours together with their fingers.

How to make:

Hunting for the sticks is such an important part of this activity. Children love to find the perfect sticks that will become the legs (remember they have to be fairly thin).
Let the child cut their own circle out of the cardboard. The child may wish to add a triangle shape for the beak.
Colour the bird using the pastel crayons or paint.
Leaves and grasses can become feathers and a tail. Use glue to attach the leaves to the cardboard. You can slide feathers and ferns into the side of the corrugated cardboard to create the tail.
An eye can be created using crayons or something from nature.
Carefully insert the stick legs into the corrugated cardboard.

The children may wish to stick the birds into the ground or use as puppets…let their imaginations fly…


An alternative Robin…..A Rocking Robin



These adorable Robins are made using a circular piece of card folded over and decorated with leaves and berries. Tap the bird at either end and watch it rock.


I cannot think of anything more magical than being creative outdoors with children, listening to the most beautiful song writers in the world.


Have the robins arrived where you are?

Wishing you all a magical and creative week in nature, love and peace Marghanita x