The light has always been there, it’s just sometimes, we aren’t tuned into its power.


Nature Cultivates Gratitude

Truly grateful to my beautiful parents for sharing their love and passion for the Natural world with my brothers and I. Those countless magical moments in nature as a child became a solid foundation for my inner happiness, a place to return to again and again. My love affair with nature deepens with each sacred moment I allow myself to melt into oneness with Mother Earth and all living things.

sunset 2

Nature will speak to your soul if you silence your mind. To witness a sunset is to witness the pure truth…


Let the light fill you up…

Children are pure love and light. My own children have taught me this more than anything.
Let your inner child dance with you on this journey…
Dance barefoot gently amongst the wild flowers and feel Mothers Earths love seep into your whole being. Allow the astounding beauty around you to fill you with gratitude. Feel the love, touch the love, breath in all the love…LOVE IS THE WAY.


Trust Your Intuition

Sometimes it’s hard to block out all the noise…our inner knowing can sometimes be overwhelmed by all the contradicting messages it is getting. I personally believe our inner knowing will always lead us in the right direction… our inner knowing is deep and powerful. Trust the light within.


This is only my take on it. My beliefs and knowing are based on my own life experiences and each one of us will have our own unique experiences – shaping us into who we are to be.

Each day is a miracle… A Gift…Life is beautiful…Life is precious…Life is too short to be anyone else but yourself!
Wishing you a beautiful weekend, love and light Marghanita x