” We are here to reflect the beauty of all life – the beauty of the trees, the grass, the animals, the birds, the rivers as they flow by. All these may be lost in time. While we are still here, can we not appreciate and love the land, the environment, so that when we pass on, we will have left something solid and beautiful for those who are going to follow after us?


Are those of us here now building a solid foundation on which young people can grow strong and be productive in a positive way?

– The Wind Is My Mother – Bear Heart (chapter – Learning how to live: We all have something to offer)

I believe so…no! I know so…

I have been fortunate to witness many positive changes in the nature movement over the last few years. We still have a long, long way to go but I am full of hope for the future of our children and our little planet earth, thanks to all the beautiful souls who are helping to reconnect our children to the natural world and changing the way children spend their time.


 We all have something to offer – Small Steps Lead to Big Results

The more time we immerse ourselves and our children in nature, we are reminded of who and what we are – that we are nature and that our sacred journey is to love and respect one another and all living things.

flowers 1

I feel blessed and honored to have been chosen to walk this sacred path. I am thrilled and excited you are on this journey with me…isn’t life beautiful….love and peace Marghanita x