I love our Oceans and love Turtles (especially Painted Turtles) and to celebrate WORLD OCEANS DAY I would like to gift you a FREE E Book ” Nika and the Painted Turtle

The painted turtles live in the wetlands and they need protecting too!

Here is the link to your FREE COPY

Watch a short excerpt from the book …

Who is Nika? Nika is a Butterfly Girl ( a Little Humbug – half human, half bug). Little Humbug characters fly around the woods playing and doing their good deeds. Jasmine is leader of the Butterfly Girls. She lives in Humbug Village with her friends: Lucy the Bird Keeper, Chloe the Gardener, Flint the Dragonfly Boy, and Nika the Gemstone Collector.

These characters are stewards of the Earth providing a model my children try to emulate.

Nika and the Painted Turtle is a simple chapter book. Its pages provide environmental enlightenment and a call to action. Problems have solutions.

You can print and bind the 31-page book with ribbon or twine.

Happy Reading!

Would love to hear what you love about our amazing Oceans, please do share, with love Marghanita xxxxx

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