What are my payment options?
We have 2 options available, a 1 time payment of $249 or 4 payments of $62.50. We are pleased to offer you a 30-day money back guarantee and flexible pricing plans so there is no financial risk for you.

How many chapters are there?
The Full Program consists of 12 individual Chapters. The content of the 12 chapters is listed on the program page on the website: NATURE ART PROGRAM

Can I receive the completed 12 chapters as one package?
Yes you can have all 12 chapters delivered to you via email if you do not wish them being sent quarterly. (3 Chapters over 4 months)

Who is this program aimed at?
Educators, parents, organizations and individuals who wish to help reconnect children with the natural world through meaningful art activities and projects.

“I started Marghanita’s amazing nature course last summer and would highly recommend this fantastic program to everyone looking to further children’s connection with mother nature. This course brings out the true meaning of our world on such a beautifully enlightening level. Every time I receive a new chapter the children’s faces light up with excitement into another fascinating adventure with the great outdoors. Marghanita is just such a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to everyone who comes across her delightfully well prepared lessons. I would highly recommend this course and find it fantastic!!!!!”
Nancy O’Neil- Preschool teacher British Columbia

What age group are the art projects suitable for?
The activities are for all age groups. The nature based art projects might last a few hours, a few days, or even a few months depending on how much you wish to develop each one. For younger children you can simplify and for older children you can allow them to explore deeper. As you work through each exercise you will document your experiences and build your own individual lesson plans for your specific classes.

Is this a home study course? Can I work at my own pace?
Yes, this is a home study course allowing you to take your time over each chapter, working at your own pace.

I’ve never taken an online course before. How does it work?
The workshop materials are delivered in Chapters. Once you are registered you will receive your welcome PDF and video explaining the course in more detail. You will then receive your first chapter via email. You can choose to receive the full twelve chapters as one block or have them sent to you over the course of 4 months where you receive 3 chapters per month.

Do I get a Certificate at the end of the course?
Yes, a certificate of completion is awarded to each student upon completion of the Nature Art Program The program was designed to accommodate the needs of an international audience of educators. In order to suit the needs of differing curriculum and schedules across many schools, provinces, and countries, the program could not be tied to one specific curriculum. Therefore, the decision made was to leave the content of the program flexible and open to interpretation, allowing each individual educator to infuse the program into their current curriculum as they see fit and in keeping with their school system.

How many hours are for Personal Development?
The first 2 chapters focus on the educator (time spent on each project is up to each individual and can range from several hours to several days or even weeks) then we focus on the students, however you continue your personal development throughout the 10 remaining chapters.

I am not very creative, is this program for me?
Yes! These classes are for anyone who loves nature and wishes to rekindle a deeper presence with nature and become more creatively confident You will explore your own personal creativity in new sensory and intuitive ways.

What materials will I need?
When you register you will receive a materials list for your course. The materials we use are easily available and inexpensive but please note these items are not included in the registration fee.

How much physical space will I need?
All you require is a small space for most of the activities. The actual space you use is ideally outdoors however everything can be done indoors. It is important that you have a quiet space, uninterrupted time and privacy for personal creative work.

Do I need a high-speed Internet connection to view the course videos?
Yes! You will need a fairly high-speed internet connection to download the PDF’s. Make sure you have access to watch the videos too.

I live in a far away country. Can I take this class?
Yes! We have people from all over the Globe participating in the Nature Art Program. Beautiful Souls from as far away as New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and from America, Canada, and across Europe, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece and Slovenia. It is wonderful to get all of the different perspectives on our shared love of nature and the arts from around the world. Our simple online format makes these classes ideal for those who live in remote places with little access to our one to one workshops.

Can I use a mobile device to access the class materials?
Yes. Tablets and iPads and laptops work really well however I would not recommend using your cellphone.

What teaching materials do I get to keep after the class?
Throughout the program you will receive 12 chapters. You will have the full colour, step-by-step PDF art encounter instructions. They are yours to print off and add to your working folder. The videos will be available for you to revisit if necessary throughout the program.

Can you provide personal, tailor made workshops that link with the 12 chapters?
Yes I can provide personal, tailor made workshops that link with all 12 chapters or certain specific chapters. This is a wonderful opportunity for teachers to experience one to one hands on learning. For this personal service please contact me via email to discuss pricing.

Please note: The material is for you and your students. It cannot be redistributed online.